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Home > Headway Battery LiFePO4>Terminal connectors and plastic holders of headway Battery

Headway is one of leading LiFePO4 battery producer from China. Headway battery products offer high power solutions for all kinds of lithium cells and applications. There are 38120 battery cell with 10ah cells and 40160 cell with 16Ah. Evlithium is the official Headway Battery sales partner and technical support specialized center. for more information of the connectors of headway cells,you can check connectors and holders
Terminal connectors and plastic holders for the headway Battery lithium power cells.
 Quality copper terminals to connect the cells into battery pack. Check the complete offer from 40152,40160 and 38120 headway LiFePO4 battery cells.

 headway battery conector headway battery holder 

              Headway LiFePO4 Battery

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