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Lifepo4 battery "starved" how to activate?

Many people have bad habits, often people are not at home to put the electric car battery on the car, the air switch is not turned off, put a few months do not ride. After a few months to come back to ride the car and found that the car is not charged and charging can not be charged. The charger is plugged in, but the light is always green, even if it is plugged in for 24 hours it is still green, because the lifepo4 battery voltage is too low, and the charger output voltage difference is too large, then the charger is unable to charge the electricity into the battery.

CATL 3.2V 280Ah lifepo4 battery

catl 280AH lifepo4 battery

In this situation is what we usually say the battery is "starved". This battery block battery voltage is generally only 5.6V or so, and will not exceed 6V. For this kind of battery, most of the battery replacements. But for a group of batteries of several hundred, it is a pity to change, especially just after the warranty battery.

Here are five good ways to save most of these "starving" batteries. Note that most are not 100%.

First is, the series connection method. In the whole group of batteries in series with another 12-volt battery of normal voltage. For example, if the original car is a 48V-20AH battery, then we connect another 12V-20AH battery in series. A fully charged 12V battery voltage of about 13V, after the series connection can enhance the voltage of the whole battery, and then use his original charger for charging, in this case, can be charged into the charger, plugged into the charger, the charger is a red light, at this time you can charge the electricity into the charger. When the charger turns green, remove the other battery in the series. Then you can charge it normally.

The second is the parallel connection method. This method is slightly more troublesome. For example, the original vehicle is a 48V-20AH battery, we have another parallel connection, a 48V-20AH battery. We all know that the voltage of the parallel circuit is equal, the high-voltage end will flow into the low-voltage end. This method is also used by many battery dealers to detect completely dead batteries. Charging can then be achieved as well. This principle is similar to, connecting a battery in series, the principle is similar. It is also to raise the voltage of the whole group.

winston 3.2V 160Ah lifepo4 battery

wintson 160Ah lifepo4 battery

Third, low voltage charging method. Choose a small type of charger for charging. For example, a group of 60V-20AH batteries, then we use a 48V-20AH charger for charging. In most cases, it can be charged. The principle is also similar to the first, the charging voltage and the battery terminal voltage are closer.

Fourth, a single battery charging method. A single battery with a 12-volt motorcycle charger for charging can activate the battery, but this charging is relatively slow, usually more than 7 hours to charge, and the battery voltage will slowly rise back to 12V or so. If all single-block charging is very time-consuming.

Fifth, special charger method. Tianneng charger is the automatic recognition of battery voltage, no matter how many volts a group of the battery voltage, can automatically recognize the voltage, and it can charge in. For example, the original car is a 60V-20AH battery, now only 30V less, it can still charge inside. As the voltage rises, all adapt to a higher order of voltage, and then charge the battery. Tailing, Lujia electric car, and Jinpeng tricycle support this brand of charger.

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