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Discover CATL EnerOne Energy Storage Solutions for Commercial Applications




We offer a variety of CATL EnerOne storage systems. Are you in need of a commercial-grade energy storage solution?

Feel free to reach out to us for pricing and availability. Typically, CATL requires a lead time of approximately 90-120 days to fulfill orders for these systems.

The EnerOne system boasts a modular nominal capacity ranging from 232.96 kW to 407.34 kWh, depending on the chosen cell, with capacities of 280, 285, and 306 Ah. Despite its power, it occupies just 1.69 square meters of floor space, making it an efficient choice. Compatible with inverters operating between 600 and 1500 volts, the EnerOne system can be efficiently shipped as a complete product, minimizing on-site installation costs and commissioning time.

Designed for outdoor applications, the EnerOne system features IP66 protection for main components and operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -30 to +55 íŠ. It has undergone rigorous testing at the cell, module, and rack levels, including the UL9540A test, demonstrating its safety and reliability.

Key features include:

  • High thermal stability LFP batteries
  • IP66 protection for outdoor use
  • Resistance to C5 corrosion level for long-term reliability
  • Separate fire protection system
  • Long service life
  • Integration with CATL’s advanced technologies
  • Integrated frequency conversion liquid-cooling system for temperature control
  • Modular design compatible with 600 – 1,500V systems
  • Separate water cooling system for worry-free cooling
  • High energy density, saving up to 50% of floor space
  • Transportation-friendly assembly for reduced installation costs and time

The EnerOne+Rack comprises batteries, BMS, FSS, and TMS integrated to ensure smooth operation. Here's a breakdown:

  • Battery: Consists of 306Ah cells, with 1P52S cells integrated into one module and 8 modules integrated into one Rack.
  • BMS (Battery Management System): Utilizes a distributed scheme for stable operation, managing energy absorption and release, thermal management, and auxiliary power supply.
  • FSS (Fire Suppression System): Monitors and extinguishes thermal runaway risks, serving as an independent security guard.
  • TMS (Thermal Management System): Maintains optimal battery performance and longevity with chiller, PTC heater, and liquid cooling pipe.

The Control box includes detection and protection devices, as well as AC/DC power supply, ensuring overall system safety and functionality.

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