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Winston Battery 1 million WH Energy Storage System

There is a super big Energy Storage System in Winston Battery Factory, it includes over 1000pcs 1000Ah Winston Battery Cells.
This super big UPS consists by 340pcs 1000Ah Winston Battery.
there are 170pcs 1000Ah winston battery in series and 2 of them in parallel.
The battery pack is 540V 2000Ah and it could storage over 1,000,000 Watt hour power energy.
it attracted many attention of the clients who visited Winston battery and many of them order it and winston battery provide the full power solution.
dozon of 1million WH energy storage system like this was built all over the world. 

This product is a kind of energy storage equipment developed mainly for users who need a long-time uninterruptible power supply like families, Villas, large hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, and various research institutions. The equipment can set up power storage time and output time according to different power sources and also can set up output power values and interruptible working time. The equipment can automatically charge the storage batteries using valley-time urban electricity at a low cost and can be set to the long-time status of interruptible power supply.

Winston Battery Energy Storage System

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