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12pcs Winston TSWB-LYP40AHA 3.2V 40Ah lifepo4 cells to Canada

We recently shipped 12 3.2V 40Ah TSWB-LYP40AHA Winston LiFePO4(LiFeYPO4) batteries to a new Canadian customer. He will use these 40ah lifepo4 batteries in a small energy storage project.

Winston 40ah lifeypo4 batteries

Currently, Winston lifeypo4 cells from 3.2V 40ah to 1000ah are on sale, approved by MSDS, UN38.3, CE certification, and so on. All Winston LiFeYPO4 batteries have the advantages of high safety, long cycle life, pollution-free, mature technology, low self-discharge and high charge, discharge rate, and wide applicable temperature range. And the delivery time is usually within 5-10 working days, which can meet customers' needs for rapid delivery.

Since this customer needed to receive these 12 batteries quickly, we shipped all cells by UPS. We packed these batteries in UN boxes filled with foam to prevent battery damage in transit. The UPS transportation time is about 7-10 working days from China to Canada.

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