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3.3KW On Board Battery Charger Shipped to Caribbean

Our customer from St Maarten, Caribbean, ordered two sets of 3.3KW SMHC3-31210A On Board Battery Chargers. The chargers are for the 88S LiFePO4 battery banks and with CAN bus.

on board battery chargeron board battery charger for boat

We packing thesr two lithium battery chargers into the original box, and on the packing box, there are product name, product part number, product brand, product type, production number, and character of the manufacturer; In the packing box, along with the 
technical documents, it includes a packing list, quality certificate, product specification.The lead time of this charger is one week, and we shipped the chargers by air via FedEx.

The On Board Battery Charger can control the maximum input current, with stable charging, high conversion efficiency, a variety of protection functions, safe and reliable, strong seismic capacity and other characteristics. The products are suitable for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries,etc.They are used for cycle charging of battery packs of electric vehicles,motorcycles, sightseeing vehicles, forklifts, logistics vehicles,golf carts,patrol cars,ships,communication equipment,etc.

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