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3.3KW On Board Battery Charger Shipped to the Netherlands

We deliver ten units of 3.3kw on board battery charger to a client from the Netherlands. Ronald is from Energy conversion systems, and they are located in Rotterdam, a young and innovative company. They focus on optimizing the use of fossil fuels with the hybrid powertrain we developed, a Combined Hybrid Drive (CHD).

on board battery charger to Netherlands

They have developed Battery Energy Storage System with a CATL lithium LiFePO4 battery module. Every battery module with 58.72V and 188Ah, 6 of them in series to make a battery pack. We provide the charger for their battery pack. The charger with capable of 198v output voltage and 23A charging current at max. The on board charger includes a 1.4m input cable and a 1.2m output cable. These battery chargers are delivered by UPS from Hongkong to the Netherlands today.

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