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Terminal Covers For LiFePO4 Battery Cells were shipped to Czech Republic

Recently, our Czech Republic customer ordered 5000pcs CA-I Red Caps, 5000pcs CA-I Black Caps, 4000pcs CA-II Red Caps, 4000pcs CA-II Black Caps, 2000pcs CA-III Red Caps, and 2000pcs CA-III Black Caps from us.

These caps are the plastic cover of terminal connectors for LiFePO4 battery cells and can prevent battery terminal oxidation. They are universal for various LiFePO4 battery cells from manufacturers CALB battery, Sinopoly battery, and Winston Battery.

lifepo4 battery terminal covers

We reached an EXW with the customer and prepared the goods for the customer as soon as possible. After the goods were ready and packed, we contacted the freight forwarder to pick up the goods.

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