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EVE LF105 105Ah LiFePO4 Batteries Shipped to Russia

eve lf105 105ah lifepo4 battery 3.2v lifepo4 battery

We delivered 36 pieces of EVE Battery LF105 3.2V 105Ah lifepo4 prismatic cells to a Russian client, our second cooperation. The client uses these EVE LF105 105ah lifepo4 battery cells to build an ESS(energy storage system) for the test, and then he will place a more significant order if the test goes well and we are confident that because of the batteries quality and our service.

EVE LF105 LiFePO4 prismatic battery cell is a very suitable choice for the client's requirements for this order. It has a popular nominal capacity of 105ah, the low internal resistance of 0.5m¦¸, a high charge/discharge rate, a low price, and long cycle life of more than 3500times, so it is very cost-effective LiFePO4 battery cell on the market.  

These battery cells of the order have a very new produced date, and we tested every single battery cell before the shipment. The actual capacity of these battery cells is 113ah to 115ah, which is around 10% higher than the nominal voltage. We provided the covers to protect the terminals of each battery cell. Then we packed these EVE LF105 batteries, free busbars, nuts, and other accessories into the original carton boxes with UN3480 certification.

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