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CALB Ternary lithium NMC Battery Cells Shipped to the USA

A customer from the USA ordered 160pcs CALB L148N50A 3.7V 50Ah ternary lithium NMC battery cells to build a system for their electric vehicle application. To make it easy for the client to connect the cells, we helped them weld the bolts on the terminals by laser welding. 

CALB NMC Batteries ternary lithium batteries

We packed the goods in carton boxes with a total gross weight of 160kg for the shipping. We sent them by boat with door-to-door service to the customer. It will take about 7-8 weeks to arrive at the customer¡¯s house.

The L14N50A is an 811 NMC type of lithium NMC battery, a ternary lithium battery produced by CALB battery, has stable performance and long cycle life. The battery cells we provide are tested, have a brand new look, and complete QR codes.

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