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CALB 230Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells Shipped to the USA

A few days ago, we obtained the purchasing information of an American customer from the website and learned that they were looking for 230Ah cells for energy storage systems. Considering their application, we recommend the CALB 3.2V 230Ah cells, brand new grade A with perfect performance and approved by UN38.3. Its delighted that the client finally accepted our proposal and took 32 pcs 230ah cells.

CAL173F230 230Ah lifepo4 battery

The CALB L173F230 230Ah LiFePO4 battery cell is widely used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems. There are two terminals to choose from: a flat-top terminal and a bolted version. Since the customer does not have laser welding machines, we provide him with bolted cells and complimentary busbars for easy connection.

We provided the test report for every single 230ah LiFePO4 battery cell; as we can see, the actual capacity is around 7% higher than the nominal capacity, and the internal resistance is less than 0.244m; these 230ah battery cells are all brand new and have a perfect consistency.

tese report of 230ah lifepo4 battery

For Shipping, these 32 cells were packed in one Plywood box, with a gross weight of 153kgs. We shipped the cargo by sea and provided door-to-door service.

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