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Home > Order and Shipment>400ah and 160ah Winston LiFeYPO4 lithium battery were shipped to the USA

400ah and 160ah Winston LiFeYPO4 lithium battery were shipped to the USA

We delivered 16 pieces of 400ah and six of 160ah Winston LiFeYPO4 lithium battery cells to Hawaii and Texas, the USA.

The 16 pieces of TSWB-LYP400AHA-B 400Ah 3.2V LiFeYPO4 cells packed in three original plywood cases with UN38.3
certifications. Two of the plywoods contain six battery cells, and the other one is four cells and accessories of the battery

400ah LiFePO4 Battery USA lifepo4 battery Hawaii

The other six pieces of TSWB-LYP160AHA-B 160Ah 3.2V LiFeYPO4 battery cells delivered to Texas packed into a plywood
case, and we also provided the busbar accessories for the battery pack.

The 160Ah and 400Ah Winston battery cells are the best choices for your new energy applications like energy storage, EV, 
solar system, etc, and we are the leading Winston LiFeYPO4 Batteries supplier in the US market and the world, so if you have
the demand of any LiFePO4 batteries, just feel free to contact us.

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