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Home > Order and Shipment>400ah Thundersky Winston LiFeYPO4 battery shipped to Canada by FedEx

400ah Thundersky Winston LiFeYPO4 battery shipped to Canada by FedEx

We shipped 4pcs 3.2V 400Ah Thundersky Winston LiFeYPO4 batteries to Canada by FedEx these days and provide 3-years
warrenty and door to door service.

These 400ah winston lifepo4 batteries can be easily assembled using connectors,busbars into a 12V400Ah 5KWh lifepo4
battery pack
for a home solar system.The maximum discharge and charge current of each battery is up to 3C(1200A) with
an ultra-long cycle life of 5000 times(80%DOD).Every battery we ship is tested so you are getting cells that are tested,
guaranteed and brand new a grade battery.

Winston lifepo4 batteries are the best option for 12V batteries because 4 in series is Equivalent voltage to a lead-acid
battery which can be wildy used in EV,RV,energy storage,solar system,etc.

400ah battery Canada

Our company,Evlithium is the company that supplies high quality CALB Battery,CATL
Battery,Winston Battery,
lithium batteries to the Business or personal diy and if you have any demand,please just feel free to
contact us and we
will provide quality batteries and superior service for you.


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