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Home > Order and Shipment>6 units 12V90Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 Batteries Shipped to Thailand

6 units 12V90Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 Batteries Shipped to Thailand

We shipped 6 units 12V90Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 WB-LP12V90AH Lithium ion batteries to Thailand by boat,the WB-LP12V90AH Lithium battery pack
was produced by Thundersky Winston-one of the best lithium battery manufactures in China,the weight of the pack is 15kg, the internal resistance is
only around 3m,it has a wider operation voltage than normal lifepo4 lithium batteries and the cycle life is around 5-10 years.

12V Lithium ion LiFeYPO4 Battery Pack                12v winston lifepo4 lithium battery pack
The WB-LP12V90Ah Wisnton battery has excellent charging/discharging performance,the constant discharging and max charging current is 3C(270A)
very goode power lithium battery for energy storage,starting-up power,solar system,etc.

We are a leading lithium battery supplier of CALB Battery ,CATL Battery ,Sinopoly Battery ,ThunderSky Winston Battery For Thailand market provide
quality lifepo4 lithium batteries, LiFePO4 battery On Board Chargers, and Long warranty for our customers,just feel free to contact us if you have any demand.

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