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CATL 50Ah NCM Batteries to Sweden and Germany.
We deliver 300pcs
50Ah CATL NCM Batteries to Sweden and 200PCS 50Ah CATL NCM Batteries to Germany by air today. CATL is the leading NCM Batteries manufacturer of China.
CATL has very high qulaity factory with latest automatic technology. the R&D department has over 900 engineers and expeter in lithium battery technology, 5% of revenue would be invested
in R&D which make sure CATL is always as pioneers of latest lithium technology. the energy density of CATL Battery is as much as 190Wh/kg.CATL 3.V 50Ah NCM Battery is well used in
RV/solar system/yacht/golf cart and storage and car.
CATL 3.7V 50Ah NCM Batteries have a excellent performance in low temperature,they also have a long cycle life,high enegry density
and a small volume.So they are becoming more popular in new enegry industry.

We are the leading CATL NCM Batteries supplier which provides quality Batteries for all over the world,please feel free to contact us if you have any demands.

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