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CALB 400Ah LiFePO4 Battery to New Zealand

we deliver 16pcs 400Ah 3.2V CALB LiFePO4 Battery cells to Auckland port by boat from Hongkong for a client from
New Zealand. there are 8 carton packages with 16 400Ah LiFePO4 batteries. 
400Ah Lithium battery cells from CALB is widely used in energy storage system for house, RV and boat.
we have hundreds of 400Ah CALB lithium cells in stock and providing them at very good price.
400Ah CALB Battery to New ZealandLiFePO4 Battery New Zealand
400Ah Lithium Battery to New Zealand
they are packaged by a pallet and shipped by truck to the port of hongkong and then ship by boat to Auckland port of 
New Zealand

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Shipment of 400Ah CALB LiFePO4 Battery to New Zealand

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