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Shipment of LiFePO4 Battery to Hamburg for European market
we deliver 520pcs 180Ah LiFePO4 battery cells from Hongkong port ot Hamburg port by a 20 feet container,
there are 106 cartons with 4 pallet. 5 of CALB CA180 lithium battery in each carton and there are connectors 
for 180Ah lithium batteries in another 2 cartons. they would be shipped to our clients in europe who is the leading
lithium battery supplier in European market. clients who need lithium battery please let me know, our partner in 
Europe would provide local technical support and local serice.
180Ah LiFePO4 Battery For Europe
in the meantime, we delivered 1,000pcs 40Ah Yinlong lithium battery, they are 40Ah LTO battteries with original
package from Yinlong. they will be availbe since end of july for european market.
40Ah Yinlong Lithium Battery Europe

there is another 48V100Ah LiFePO4 battery backup system, which is very popular for solar station as energy storage system
48V100Ah 5KWH LiFePO4 Battery Europ

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