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CALB L173F230 3.2V 230Ah LiFePO4 cells and 48V 60Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack Shipped to Guadeloupe

We recently delivered a customized 48V 60Ah lifepo4 battery pack and 20 pieces of CALB L173F230 3.2V 230ah LiFePO4 prismatic battery cells to one of our regular customers from Guadeloupe, 

These 20pcs CALB L173F230 230ah lifepo4 battery cells is used for the customer's EV conversion project. And this 48V 60Ah lifepo4 battery pack is customized according to the customer's size, charge and discharge rate, output cable length and plug requirements and will be used in the customer's electric scooter.

For shipping, we shipped the battery to Pointe A Pitre in Guadeloupe as before. It is expected to arrive at the destination port 78 days after sailing.

l173f230 230ah lifepo4 battery 48v 60ah lifepo4 battery pack

The L173F230 lifepo4 prismatic cell is produced by CALB, a well-known and respected manufacturer from China; it has a nominal voltage and capacity of 3.2V 230Ah, a Work Voltage of 2.5~3.65V, a low internal resistance less than or equal to 0.3m¦¸, the long cycle life of more than 4000 cycles. This 48V 60Ah lifepo4 battery pack has a rated voltage and capacity of 48V 60ah, a working voltage of 37.5V~54V, a fast charging rate of 1C, a built-in intelligent battery management system; and there are two handles on the top of the battery pack for convenient carrying.

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