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48V 32AH battery pack to Singapore

As customer needs become more diverse and specialized£¬ the demand for custom battery packs tailored to unique customer requirements has surged. We can design and produce battery packs according to the different needs of different customers,

Our client from Singapore approached us in September 2023, hoping that we could help them design and produce a 48V32AH battery pack used for electric rail cars. Based on the customer's information, we quickly designed a solution for them. And constantly make modifications according to customer requirements. In the end, we sent the produced battery pack to the customer in November

Here is the final drawing of the 48V32AH battery pack£º

This is the first 48V32AH battery pack we produced for our customer:

The customer was delighted with our solution and asked us to match a charger with the 48V32AH battery pack.

We changed the plug to a gray color according to the customer's request.

In November, we completed the production and debugging of batteries and sent them to our customers:

After a month and a half of debugging, our customer placed a new order with us for 35 sets of batteries and chargers.

All battery packs are expected to be produced before the Chinese New Year.

In early February 2025, we completed the production of batteries, and the customer came to our factory from Singapore and tested our batteries and chargers one by one. All products meet customer standards.

The customer is very satisfied with our work. Due to the approaching Chinese New Year, logistics have stopped, so we are discussing arranging shipment for customers immediately after the Spring Festival. 




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