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3.2V 400Ah GBS-LFP400AH-A LiFePO4 Prismatic cells Shipped to Australia

Recently, we received an order of GBS-LFP400AHA 400Ah LiFePO4 Battery cells from a regular customer in Australia, and this is the second time we have cooperated with him. He bought 40 pieces of 400ah lifepo4 battery cells the first time, and out of the affirmation of the battery quality and trust in us, he ordered 60 400ah lifepo4 batteries this time.

We tested every single cell before packing. Every single battery cell has an around 17% higher capacity than nominal capacity, and we grouped these cells by the actual capacity. The four cells in each module had a capacity difference of less than 1ah, and we packed each module into a carton box with UN3480 certification; we also provided the busbars, screws and other accessories to easy build battery modules.

gbs lifepo4 battery 400ah lifepo4 battery

The 400ah lifepo4 battery cells have a high output rate, good performance at low and high safety performance, long cycle life, fast charging rate, environmentally friendly, and cheap prices.

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