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230pcs 3.2V 304Ah EVE LiFePO4 Batteries to the Netherlands

One of our customers in the Netherlands has placed an order for 230pcs EVE 3.2V304Ah LiFePO4 batteries. This is our second collaboration and these batteries will be used in the customer's new trailer project, of which 228 batteries will be used to build the battery system and the remaining 2 batteries will be used as spare parts.

The battery has the characteristics of high energy density and high cycle life. It has passed CE, UN38.3 and other certifications and is widely used in electric vehicles and energy storage system applications. Please check the following specifications for reference.


Specification-EVE 304Ah

We carry out quality inspection on all 3.2V 304Ah battery cells before shipping. Please check the test reports of some cells below. The actual capacity of the 304ah battery cells is over 316ah, and the voltage difference is only 0.001. It is not difficult to find that the consistency of the battery is very excellent.

Test Report:

Test Report

We packed the batteries in dangerous goods packaging and packed all the goods on two pallets, with a total gross weight of 1359kg. 

The cargo will be carried by COSCO. The expected sailing date is 20-SEP-2023 and is expected to be delivered to the port of Rotterdam on 23-OCT-2023.


Tracking information:

Tracking information

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