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One 3.3KW OBC charger SMHC3-9632A shipped to Mo, the USA

We shipped a 3.3KW SMHC3-9632A on board battery charger to Mo, the USA, it is used for the purpose of powering up a 2022 Zero S Motorcycle, the energy core of the motorcycle is a lithium ncm ternary battery pack, composed of a 28S 3.65V 57ah ternary battery cells in series. 

3.3kw on board battery Charger      OBC On Board Battery Charger

The 3.3KW OBC charger is designed to adapt to a versatile range of AC input voltages, spanning from 90VAC to 256VAC, a output voltage and current of 96V 32A, and the inclusion of a US plug underscores the charger's readiness to seamlessly integrate into the American power infrastructure. It adopts fully closed pouring and sealing heat-conducting silica gel process, with protection grade up to IP67, good shock resistance, good heat dissipation performance and long service life.

parameters of 3.3kw obc charger

*Parameters of 3.3kw OBC charger

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