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Shipment of CATL LFP Battery 100ah 200ah cells

A domestic customer ordered 5pcs 100Ah and 202Ah CATL cells from us recently. As the customer have no laser welding tools to connect the CATL LFP batteries, we helped them weld the screws on the terminals. 

These 10pcs CATL LFP battery cells were packed in one carton, filled with sponge to prevent shaking when shipping. These batteries will be shipped to his Japanese client for a test.

CATL Battery CATL LFP Battery 

The CATL 100ah and 202ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells we supply are all brand new grade A LFP battery cells, and there are original factory's QR codes with warranty service in every battery we provide. With the perfect performance and superior service, CATL 100Ah and 202ah LiFePO4 Battery cells are becoming two of the most polular lifepo4 cells in the applications of energy storage, solar system, EV, etc.

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