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3.3KW 48V 45A OBC Battery Charger to Turkey For Electric Vehicles

Our client from Turkey re-purchased 6 units of  3.3kw on broad chargers for their vehicles. This On Board Charger order is totally the same as before, because they have tested that the performance of the OBC Charger is good.

3.3KW On Board Charger electric vehicles obc charger

The 3.3KW On Board charger is designed by Evlithium Limited to supplement electric energy for electric vehicle power batteries according to the national standard of the charger.  The product not only has the advantages of high efficiency, small volume, high stability, long life, etc. but also has the protection level up to IP67, which can work safely in the short-time flooding condition, high reliability, complete protection functions, etc. It is an ideal power source for electric vehicle charging.  The charger has a built-in thermal sensing device, which can work reliably at -35íŠ -+ 85íŠ;  With the function of overheating protection, can work reliably at -35íŠ-+85íŠ conditions, can automatically restore.  It can be guaranteed to work in any complex environment without causing failure.  

As for shipmentúČour customers placed an order on TNT and send us the documentsúČthen TNT packed up.it is convenient and cost effective way for customers.
we could make the input or output plugs of chargers according to customersí» request.The chargers are good quality and fast leading time.

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