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36V 100Ah Lithium golf cart battery for lead-acid battery replacement

lithium golf cart batterylithium golf cart battery

Designed as a direct substitute for lead-acid batteries, this 36 volt lithium-ion golf cart battery pack offers a hassle-free upgrade for your golf carts. With its integrated battery management system, the pack safeguards against over-temperature, short circuits, and over-voltage, enhancing safety and prolonging its lifespan. The S38105 model ensures a decade-long design life with a 5-year warranty for added assurance. Say goodbye to water refills, terminal adjustments, and acid deposit clean-ups, thus eliminating associated staff costs.

A new technology takes over your energy supply in your fleet

  • Our LiFePO4 batteries can be charged rapidly in a short time, such as taking a break, effectively increasing productivity.
  • Thermal and chemical stability and multiple built-in protection functions enable your fleet work smoothly.
  • S38105 battery are all no memory, you can charge any time, and with a full charge time, you can run longer.
  • If you leave for 8 months, turn the car off with a full charge S38105, and come back on, then you can go.




Nominal Voltage / Discharge Voltage Range

36V (38.4V)

Nominal Capacity

100 Ah

Stored Energy

4.03 kWh


385338245 mm


34 kg

Continuous Discharge

100 A

Maximum Discharge

200 A (10 s)


0C ~ 55C


-20C ~ 55C

Storage (1 month)


Storage (1 year)


Casing Material


life Cycle

48-64 km (30-40 miles)

IP Rating


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