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Operator's Manual of Winston Water-based LYP lithium Power Battery

Winston battery

Security Warning and Notes

Battery short circuit

Battery short circuit

Do not discharge the new battery directly for the first use

Do not discharge the new
directly for the first use

Do not open the battery valve

Do not open the battery valve

Do not violently wrest the screw on the terminal!

Don't violently wrest the screw
on the terminal!

Do not make the battery short-circuit in any situation
Do not discharge the new battery! It must be fully charged at first.
Do not open the battery safety valve in any situation!
Do not install the terminal connector with violent force. To avoid the damage of terminal screw!

Winston battery bank

Please check the accessories before using the Winston LYP battery(The pictures are for reference only. The accessories are subject to their actual features).

Please use igs and straps to fix the single cell or battery pack to avoid swelling for normal use!

lifepo4 battery in series

Assemble 7 cells in series as one battery pack

Put the cell into series or parallel connection to assemble the battery into pack.The ideal pack should only in series connection and with BMS.

accessories of lifepo4 battery

Accessories including straps, bolts and secrews etc.

Accessories such as straps, bolts and screws will be needed to assemble several series connection together. Make sure the accessories are fixed however large of the battery is.

Battery Management System

battery management system

Ant storage cell be used by parallel or series connection must install electronic circuit or monitor circuit to monitor the charging and discharging voltage and prevent the cells from damage caused by overcharged or overdischarged.

winston battery 3.2v


In the same batch, it is a abnormal that battery's voltage is
differing abovr 1V.

winston battery 3.2v


In the same batch, it is normal that the voltage of the same model
is differing at 0.1V

Malfunction Solutions

Malfunction Solutionsó˝: How to solve if the cell voltage is 0V or low voltage

winston battery 3.2v

Cells with same capacity and same model 

winston battery 3.2v

Release the straps and replace the cell with same capacity

Why is the voltage of some battery 0V or low voltage?

The impedance of cells may rise during using. If put any cell of which the impedance is larger to used with other cells in series or parallel connection, it will cause unsaturated charging or over-discharging, which will make the internal circuit short or capacity decreased or voltage reduced to 0V.

what to do if the voltage of the cell is 0V among the battery pack?

Discharge the battery pack to its standard minimum voltage and release the straps to replace the cell with new one of same capacity as the above picture.

Malfunction Solutions ó˛: What to do with swelling?

The battery case is made of plastic(PP) and it will not swell during normal use.
The battery swelling usually happens when it is overcharged or over discharged. If the impedance, capacity and voltage are normal, please renewer as the picture shows to make the case back to normal shape. If not, please replace the swelled one as soon as possible

battery renewer

Malfunction Solution óˇ: What to do with battery case split or electrolyte leakage?

What to do with battery case split or electrolyte leakage through the terminals or safety valve?

There is no danger if the battery case split caused by strong impact or shock during operation. But when it happens, please completely discharge the battery and replace it.

If the ambient temperature is too high or discharging current is too big, the internal electroly will leak safety valve. Please wipe up by dry duster cloth or absorptive sponge.

Is it normal that the terminal and case give out heat during discharging?

The battery case may give out heat during normal discharging and especially the temperature will rise to 80íŠ~100íŠ when discharged by big current. If it happens please reduce the charging and discharging current until the temperature gets back to normal. Make sure the case temperature will not be over 85íŠ during normal use. Please pay special attention that the case my be melt at temperature of 150íŠ~ 250íŠ.

Malfunction Solutions ó˘: What to do if the battery is burning and smokes ?

Thunder Sky Winston LYP water-based lithium power battery will never burn under normal condition. Improper external influence or improper use might cause the overheat of battery and it may omit smoke and fire. In this case, people be evacuated first and smoke vent should be provided. The best solution to extuiguish the fire is to uese a water spyay or please in danger zone should immerse the smoking battery into the water. The alternative solution is to used type D fire extinguisher, CO2 chemical desiccation.

If the battery is burning, the internal composition may leak, vaporize or decompose and the electrolytic material will release. While battery burning, there my be fluoride(HF) and phosphide to come into being, and if the LiPF6 in the electrolyte contacts with water, it will produce fluorin-oxide and cartbon dioxide.

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