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Revolutionizing Energy Storage: Higee's 314Ah High-Capacity Cells

Higee 314ah lifepo4 cell

In 2023, the field of energy storage cells is once again witnessing innovation, marking the advent of the era of high-capacity energy storage. The demand for 300Ah+ energy storage cells is gradually showing a strong trend towards replacing the 280Ah counterparts. In response to this, Higee New Energy has introduced its 314Ah high-capacity cells, which are set to commence deliveries by the end of 2023.

Higee New Energy's 314Ah energy storage cells maintain compatibility with the mainstream 280Ah cells in terms of size, enhancing system integration adaptability across all application domains of the 280Ah cells. The same-sized 314Ah cells offer a 12% increase in capacity, effectively reducing the overall integration costs of energy storage systems. The low impedance and high voltage platform design extend the constant power capacity in the 3.65V-2.8V range, mitigating system energy losses attributed to consistency, thereby delivering unparalleled convenience and efficient energy solutions to users.

Technical Features:

Higee New Energy has delved deeper into the cyclic lifespan and safety characteristics of the 314Ah high-capacity cells. By employing specialized materials, coupled with long-cyclic, low impedance electrolyte technology, and the application of lithium supplementation techniques for the positive and negative electrodes, overall cyclic lifespan of the cells is significantly enhanced, leading to a reduction in the total lifecycle electricity cost. The dual reinforcement of safety design and safety-oriented manufacturing establishes a three-dimensional "safety armor," bolstering intrinsic cell safety and substantially lowering the probability of cell defect-related failures, thus enhancing the reliability of energy storage systems.

314ah lifepo4 cell specification

Imminent Commencement of 314Ah Mass Production:

Higee's 314Ah energy storage cells have recently commenced sample deliveries and are scheduled for full-scale mass production and delivery by the end of 2023, marking the official launch of the era of 300Ah+ large cells. We eagerly await Higee New Energy's future endeavors in delivering more energy storage technology solutions, propelling us towards a more sustainable and efficient future! From November 1st to November 3rd, Higee New Energy will showcase its soon-to-be-mass-produced 314Ah high-efficiency, long-lifespan energy storage cells, along with their complementary solutions at the Shanghai SNEC Energy Storage Exhibition. Stay tuned for more updates.

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