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Revolutionary Rept Battero Wending 320Ah Energy Storage Cells

Recently, Rept Battero's Wending 320Ah energy storage cells achieved a significant milestone by obtaining three international authoritative certifications: UL 1973, UL 9540A, and IEC 62619: 2022, issued by TÜV Rheinland, Germany. These certifications mark a major advancement in the safety performance of Wending 320Ah energy storage cells, confirming that they meet rigorous international standards and are now approved for the international market.

The Wending 320Ah energy storage cell represents the latest generation of Rept Battero's energy storage series. This cutting-edge product integrates multiple core technologies, including innovations in cell structure, process, and equipment technology, resulting in a stable and reliable solid-liquid interface.

Leveraging Rept Battero's top-tier technology, the 320Ah energy storage cell boasts impressive features, including the same size as the 280Ah square cell while delivering superior performance in terms of high energy output, long lifespan, and exceptional safety. The product achieves a volumetric energy density of 400Wh/L, a cycle life of 8000-10000 cycles, and a remarkable calendar life exceeding 20 years. As of Q3 this year, mass production capacity has been attained, making Rept Battero a pioneer in the industry for achieving mass production of 320Ah batteries.

Let's take a closer look at the three certifications:

UL 1973:

UL 1973 is a safety standard specifically designed for energy storage battery systems in North America. It holds recognition as a binational standard by both ANSI in the United States and SCC in Canada. Additionally, this standard is acknowledged in other regions, such as Australia's CEC. Products that obtain this certification can seamlessly enter the North American and Australian markets.

UL 9540A:

UL 9540A stands as one of the most authoritative and stringent test standards for thermal runaway flame spread of battery energy storage systems in the global energy storage industry. It plays a crucial role in verifying the safety of energy storage products and serves as an essential prerequisite for entering not only the North American market but also the global market.

IEC 62619:

IEC 62619 serves as a safety standard specifically formulated for industrial equipment batteries in the IEC standard system. It holds the status of a current international technical standard for the safety of energy storage batteries, encompassing safety requirements related to energy storage batteries.

In conclusion, the successful attainment of these certifications is a testament to the quality, safety, and technological advancement of Rept Battero's Wending 320Ah energy storage cells, solidifying its position in the international market and reinforcing its role as an industry leader in mass-producing high-capacity batteries.

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