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Lead-acid battery

1. Easy to obtain raw materials and relatively low price; 2. Good high-rate discharge performance; 3. Good temperature performance, and can work in an environment of -40~+60°C; 4.Suitable for floating charge use and long service life Long, no memory effect; 5. Used batteries are easy to recycle, which is ideal for protecting the environment.

Disadvantages: 1. Low specific energy,generally 30~40Wh/kg; 2. The service life is less than that of Cd/Ni batteries; 3. The manufacturing process is easy to pollute the environment and must be equipped with three waste treatment equipment.

Ni-MH battery

Advantages: 1. Compared with lead-acid batteries, the energy density is greatly improved, the weight energy density is 65Wh/kg, and the volume energy density is increased by 200Wh/L; 2. The power density is high, and it can be charged and discharged with a high current; 3. Low-temperature Good discharge characteristics; 4. Cycle life (increased to 1000 times); 5. Environmental protection and pollution-free; 6. Technology is more mature than lithium-ion batteries.

Disadvantages: 1. The average working temperature range is -15~40℃, and the high-temperature performance is poor; 2. The working voltage is low, and the working voltage range is 1.0~1.4V; 3. The price is higher than lead-acid batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries, but the performance is better than the lithium-ion battery

lithium-ion battery

Advantages: 1. High specific energy; 2. High voltage platform; 3. Good cycle performance; 4. No memory effect; 5. Environmental protection and no pollution; It is currently one of the best electric vehicle power batteries.

Disadvantages: expensive, general safety performance


Advantages: 1. High power density; 2. Short charging time.

Disadvantages: Low energy density, only 1-10Wh/kg, and the supercapacitor has a short cruising

Fuel powered lithium battery

Advantages: 1. High specific energy, long driving mileage; 2. High power density, high current charge and discharge; 3. Environmental protection, no pollution.

1. Complex system and poor technological maturity; 2. The construction of hydrogen supply system is lagging behind; 3. There are high requirements for sulfur dioxide in the air. Due to serious air pollution, fuel-powered lithium battery vehicles have a short lifespan.

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