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Lithium LiFePO4 forklift battery for electric forklift

Our old friend, Mr Chen from Isreal ordered 16 units of
lithium forklift battery packs for his electric forklift again.
They are 8 units 80V700Ah LiFePO4 forklift batteries for the Toyota 8Fbm30t electric forklift, 3 units 24V200Ah
lithium electric forklift batteries for the Toyota 8FBW23 forklift and 4 units 58V560Ah Lithium forklift battery packs
Toyota 8FBN25 forklift.

80V lithium Forklift battery

Mr. Chen is one of biggest distributors of Toyota forklift in Israel and we have been cooperating with him for many
years. And we provide 80V200A, 48V200A and 24V100A forklift battery chargers for the lithium forklift 
battery packs.
They will be delivered by a 20 fts container by air from Hong K
ong port to Haifa port in Israel and then shipped by
train to the warehouse of forklift centers in the north of Israel.

electric forklift battery forklift batteries for sale

Advantage of Lithium LiFePO4 forklift battery VS lead acid forklift battery.

1. Quick charger

You can save a lot of time in charging w
ith the high efficiency industrial forlift battery chargers. The Lithium
LiFePO4 batteries rely on their own chemical characteristics to meet the requirements of faster charging speed, from
10% to 100% charging time only 2 hours. The Lead-acid batteries need 8-10h to charge from 20% to 100%.

2. More powerful with heavy load 

The lithium Forklift battery in large current discharge is much larger than forklift battery, with the strong continuous
discharge rate provides more powerful power to lift more heavy goods

3. Much longer cycle life, 5 years warranty & 10,000 hours working time.

The cycle life of lithium lifepo4 battery is 3-5 times of the lead-acid battery, the high cycle life means lower use cost.

4. Environment friendly

The raw materials used in lithium-ion batteries for forklifts are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the raw
materials used in lead-acid batteries for forklifts contain lead, which is harmful to the environment and is very harmful
to animals and people.

5. Cost effective

The lithium lifepo4 Forklift battery is more expensive than lead-acid battery either in the cost of raw materials or in the
cost of production and manufacturing process, but you can make up the difference on the work efficiency, safety performance
and other advantages. The lithium batteries will eventually repace lead-acid batteries.

We could design forklift battery packs with our latest lifepo4 battery technology according to your forklift and update your forklift
from lead acid powered to lithium powered green electric forklift.

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