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JAC Motors Unveils Intelligent Electric Hybrid MPV RF8 with EVE Battery 


large cylindrical lithium ternary battery

On January 31st, the launch event for the "New National Tide Intelligent Electric Hybrid MPV," JAC Ruifeng RF8, took place in Dongguan Songshan Lake with the presence of JAC Motors and its key partner, Eve Battery. The RF8, powered by Eve Battery's large cylindrical battery, was officially launched. Eve Battery's Senior Vice President of Domestic Marketing, Zhu Yanchun, attended the event as an important partner and witnessed the occasion.

Based on the "MUSE Co-Creation Intelligent Electric Architecture," the JAC Ruifeng RF8 is the first mass-produced mid-to-large-sized plug-in hybrid MPV under this architecture. It combines advantages in space, power, intelligence, and more, redefining the new experience of the "third mobile space" and driving the Chinese MPV into a new era of intelligent electric hybrid.


Depending on the packaging method, lithium batteries can be categorized into three types: cylindrical, square, and pouch. While square batteries dominate the power battery market, cylindrical batteries are gaining significant momentum, garnering widespread support and poised to challenge the position of the current mainstream.

According to incomplete statistics, in the battery manufacturing sector, the cylindrical battery camp boasts numerous supporters, including companies such as CATL, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited, EVE Energy, Repower Charge, LG Energy Solution, Panasonic, Samsung SDI, Farasis Energy, BYD, Guoxuan High-Tech, and Honeycomb Energy. On the battery application front, several automakers have publicly announced their use or consideration of large cylindrical batteries, including Tesla, BMW, Volvo, Stellantis, Dongfeng Motor, JAC Motors, Porsche, and NIO.

The 4680 battery stands out as a representative of large cylindrical batteries, developed by Tesla based on the smaller 2170 cylindrical battery and launched in 2020. Its major innovation lies in enhancing battery energy density by altering the battery's appearance.

Data indicates that the energy capacity of the 4680 battery is five times that of the smaller 2170 cylindrical battery.

Cylindrical batteries also excel in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness: square ternary batteries, containing high-nickel materials, are prone to spontaneous combustion, while high-performance pouch ternary batteries are more expensive than other battery systems by a few thousand dollars. In comparison, large cylindrical batteries maintain structural stability throughout their entire lifecycle.

Throughout the battery lifespan, the 46-series large cylindrical batteries do not experience internal stress due to expansion, avoiding structural changes within the battery.

The RF8's battery has a capacity of 44.5 kWh, ranking first in electric capacity among mass-produced plug-in hybrid MPVs. Its robust power comes from a strong inner core, utilizing a large cylindrical battery system with lightweight and high-strength materials, achieving system-level lightweighting with an energy density of up to 180 Wh/kg. Additionally, the large cylindrical battery features a millisecond-level pressure relief valve function and a surround cooling design, ensuring non-thermal propagation throughout its lifecycle, preventing ignition. Furthermore, with dual innovations in the material and structural systems of the large cylindrical battery, the RF8 can achieve super-fast charging, charging for just fifteen minutes and providing a range of a hundred kilometers, achieving high energy density, high safety, and ultra-fast charging integration.

As an established state-owned automotive enterprise with over 20 years of focus on pure electric R&D, JAC Motors has prioritized battery safety throughout its long-term development. After extensive research on batteries with various materials and packaging methods, they concluded that cylindrical batteries are the ultimate solution for high energy density and high safety. In line with this, they introduced the non-combustible honeycomb battery, receiving acclaim in the market.

The research philosophy of JAC Motors aligns seamlessly with Eve Battery, which has deeply cultivated cylindrical battery technology for over 20 years, boasting rich R&D and manufacturing experience. Their breakthrough large cylindrical battery and system, since its introduction, have garnered favor from numerous customers, with over 5.3 million units of the 46 series large cylindrical battery already produced and system products gradually entering the market.

The significant launch of the RF8 marks a crucial step for Eve Battery and JAC Motors in successfully bringing large cylindrical battery technology to the market. Eve Battery pledges to remain true to its original aspirations, meet expectations, continuously innovate battery technology, drive product iteration and upgrades, and create value for customers and society with reliable products and high-quality professional services, contributing to achieving intelligent and delightful travel experiences.

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