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HiTHIUM Eco-Day: Unveiling Pioneering Energy Innovations

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On December 12th, the inaugural HiTHIUM Eco-Day, themed "Grand Trio For The New World," took place in Chongqing. This event served as a showcase for HiTHIUM's resolute commitment and groundbreaking innovation in the realm of energy storage industrial development. By unveiling "Plan 2037" alongside three innovative products and services, HiTHIUM has significantly broadened the horizons of energy storage applications across Ecology, Productivity, and Life.

Jason Wang, the Co-founder and CEO of HiTHIUM, affirmed, "HiTHIUM is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality across the global industrial chain and attaining a AAA ESG rating by 2037, aligning with the objectives outlined in SDG 7 (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7). Our inaugural Eco-Day marks a pivotal step in our continuous journey toward these goals."

The event witnessed the debut of three pioneering energy storage solutions from HiTHIUM: MIC 1130Ah, the world's first kAh-level battery engineered for extended energy storage; "Andustries," the pioneering comprehensive C&I energy storage service suite; and Hero EE, the groundbreaking 1kWh energy solution aimed at alleviating energy poverty.

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MIC 1130Ah addresses the escalating demand in energy storage, specifically tailored for the 4-8 hour long-duration energy storage market. Through technological advancements, MIC 1130Ah achieves reduced LCOS, an impressive 15000-cycle lifespan, and a remarkable 25-year longevity, effectively mitigating heat generation and safety concerns associated with large-capacity batteries.

Taking a progressive stride, HiTHIUM introduced "Andustries," a holistic energy storage solution encompassing purchase and leasing options, financing and funding, and operational management. This comprehensive offering fosters cross-industry collaboration, providing a versatile energy storage platform catering to diverse partner needs across various sectors.

Furthermore, HiTHIUM shoulders the responsibility for global energy equality, ensuring universal access to clean energy. Hero EE, priced affordably at CNY 999, is devised to combat household energy poverty, boasting a 1 kWh capacity with a lifespan of up to 10 years and a cost of $0.05 (approximately RMB 0.4) per kWh of solar-generated electricity.

Looking ahead, HiTHIUM commits to an annual celebration of Eco-Day on December 12th. With an expanding network of partners, Eco-Day is poised to evolve into a global stage for product launches, technological advancements, and the exchange of cutting-edge energy storage innovations.

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