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CATL Tener Energy Storage System

World's First Mass-Producible ESS



catl tener


5-year zero degradation

>6Mwh total capacity

Multi-dimensional safety system

Safety First Commitment

Guaranteeing ultimate safety


Set safety goals: Scenario-specific safety goals

Analyze safety risks: Assess failure rate of ESSthroughout the lifecycle / Reveasvstem weaknesses / Verify safety goals

Developsafety technologies: Insulation tech designedfor therma runaway

Monitor operation status: Al risk-monitoring Intelligent early warning

Test and verify (components & containers): Go beyond existing standards / More strict requirementsfor passing the tests

Quality management system: Energy storage-specific quality management system


CATl is dedicated tobuilding a zero-carbon society through technology.

5-Year Zero Degradation

Ageless battery

Capacity & Power - Zero Degradation

Biomimetic SEl and self-assembly electrolytetechnologies ensure smooth movement of lithiumions.

CATL successfully addressed the challenge ofhighly active lithium, effectively preventing thermalrunaway caused by oxidation reactions andpresenting a mass-producible ESS with 5-yearzero degradation performance.

5-Year Zero Degradation ageless battery

>6 MWh

Highest ESS capacity in the world

Higher energy density, smaller floor print


CATL's TENER energy storage system can deliver>6 MWh of energy in a standard 20-footcontainer, levelling up energy density for higherefficiency.

hign energy density battery

Energy storage-specifcL-series long-life LFp cells

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