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Chinese battery manufacturer CALB's new battery has an energy density of 300Wh/kg and can support 6C fast charging

Recently, Chinese battery manufacturer CALB launched a new U-shaped battery. This battery supports 6C super fast charging and can fully charge a vehicle in just ten minutes, while also significantly reducing the production cost of the vehicle. With such advantages, the U-shaped battery surpasses Tesla's 4680 battery, tables battery, and CATL's Blade battery in both cost and performance.

The U-shaped battery is a new type of battery developed by CALB. The "U" refers to the path of electrons inside the battery, which is different from the traditional positive and negative poles located at both ends of the battery's casing. In the U-shaped battery, the positive and negative poles are located at one end of the battery. CALB also stated that the U-shaped battery uses new chemical substances and reduces the "flow path" of the current in the battery by 70%. This means that the internal resistance produced by the "top flow" structure in the U-shaped battery is 50% lower than that of the Tesla battery with a pole ear structure, and the lower internal resistance also solves the problem of overheating during charging.

calb new battery has energy density of more than 300wh/kg

With such advantages, the U-shaped battery can support 6C super fast charging technology, allowing vehicles to be fully charged in just ten minutes. In addition to enabling vehicles to be charged quickly, the U-shaped battery can also significantly reduce the production cost of vehicles. According to Xie Qiu, Vice President of CALB, the U-shaped battery reduces the number of welding machines required in the battery production line by about 70% compared to cylindrical batteries such as Tesla's 4680 battery, which means that the production of U-shaped batteries will be cheaper. He also stated that the space efficiency of the U-shaped battery has been improved by 3%.

In the wave of electrification, as gasoline-powered cars transition to electric vehicles, the continuous iteration and development of automobile batteries has been greatly promoted. Tesla first introduced the 4680 battery, which has a diameter of 46 millimeters and a length of 80 millimeters, and has a higher energy density than the 2170 battery. Subsequently, Tesla also introduced the tables battery, which allows the battery to charge and discharge quickly. Of course, in addition to Tesla, CATL has not been idle. CATL's Blade battery has an energy density 13% higher than that of the 4680 battery and can provide 1000 kilometers of driving range for electric vehicles. CATL also stated that the Blade battery can be quickly started in 5 minutes and can charge an electric car to 80% in 10 minutes.

Official battery data from CATL and CALB shows that the energy density of CATL's Blade battery is 255 W¡¤h/kg, while the energy density of CALB's U-shaped battery is 300 W¡¤h/kg. Therefore, the performance of the U-shaped battery is higher than that of Tesla's 4680 battery, tables battery, and CATL's Blade battery.

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