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Home > News of Winston Battery/LiFePO4>Lithium iron phosphate battery returns to center Stage

As is known to all,  security incidents is e fatal hidden trouble in the development of new-energy automobile industry, and the essence
of new-energy automobile safety accident is the battery thermal runaway. In recent years, the number of fires in electric vehicles carrying
ternary lithium batteries is much higher than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries.However, under the influence of subsidies and frequent
safety accidents, the advantages of ternary lithium battery in the market are gradually diminishing. The material structure of lithium iron
phosphate battery
is still very stable at the temperatureof 500íŠ, but about 200íŠ of ternary lithium battery will decompose and the chemical
reaction is violent, which is more likely to cause thermal runaway.

The BYDHAN EV has a range of 600 kilometers even though it choose lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium ion batteries are now being
used by both BYD and Tesla. Coupled with its low cost and high safety performance, lithium ion batteries are getting more and more attention.
byd battery, lithium iron battery

At present, the standard cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market is about 2000 times, which refers to the
ideal number of stable normal small current charging and discharging and the application at room temperature. However, in
fact, the real life cycle number of lithium iron phosphate batteries is not the same under different conditions of use.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries
usually last about eight years. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have the same theoretical life
span of 2,000times charge and discharge cycles, and can last for more than five years even if they are charged once a day. 
Generally speaking, the daily household charge for three days, can also be used for eight years.However, due to the low temperature
performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries, so under the right temperature, lithium iron phosphate batteries will last longer. 
So we don't need to worry about the life of the car.

We are LiFePo4 lithium batteries supplier. Our byd batteries are also very popular recently. If you have any demand, please feel free
to contact us, we'll provide quality batteries at 
reasonable prices and superior services for you.

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