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Home > News of Winston Battery/LiFePO4>48V500Ah/660Ah Forklift lithium battery to Israel

48V500Ah/660Ah Forklift lithium battery to Israel

we deliver 10 untis 48V660Ah Forklift lithium battery pack and 7 units 48V660Ah lithium battery for Toyota Forklift to a client from Israel. 
They were shipped by a 40 feet container by boat from China to Haifa port, Israel.And we provide 48V300A chargers for the forklift batteries.
We provide full power solution for electric forklift with our latest lithium battery technology and charger and we provide design service for 
different brand forklift, like Toyota forklift, Hyundai Forklift, Linde forklift and Heli forklift. We can provide design serivce to replace your lead-acid 
by lithium forklift battery.

Forklift lifepo4 lithium battery for electric Forklift Forklift lithium battery

Advantages of Forklift Lithium Battery:

1.The lithium batteries need not add water, no maintenance for normal use.Without the link of adding water and acid to lead-acid battery, the
   workload is greatly reduced and the labor cost and material cost are saved
2.Lithium batteries can be quickly charged and discharged,you can charge fast when the workers have a rest or a meal.so as to extend the
   effective working time and improve the utilization rate
3.No pollution,can be used in wide range of applications
4.The low temperature performance of the lithium battery is obviously better than lead-acid batteries

5.Long cycle life:the cycle life of lithium batteries typically last 3-5 times longer than lead-acid batteries.

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