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Home > News of Winston Battery/LiFePO4>How many years does lithium batteries work,how long is the life of a lithium battery?

How many years does lithium batteries work,how long is  the life of a lithium battery?

"Lithium battery" is a kind of battery made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as negative material, using a non-water electrolyte solution.
Lithium metal batteries were first proposed and studied by  Lewis in 1912.In the 1970s, m.s. Whittingham proposed and began working
on lithium-ion batteries. Due to the very active chemical characteristics of lithium metal, the processing, preservation, and use of lithium
metal have very high requirements on the environment. Therefore, lithium battery has not been used for a long time. With the development
of science and technology, lithium battery has become the mainstream.
the life of a lithium battery

The life of the lithium batteries

Can lithium-ion batteries only charge and discharge for 500 times?

Believe that the vast majority of consumers have heard of the life of the lithium battery as "500 times", 500 times more than the number of
times the battery will "die", many friends in order to be able to extend battery life, each time to charge when the battery runs out completely,
so really have a longer effect on battery life? The answer is no. The life of a lithium battery is "500 times", not the number of charges, but a
cycle of charge and discharge. 

A charge cycle means that the battery's capacity is used from full to empty, and then from empty to full, which is not the same as a charge.
For example, a lithium battery uses half its charge on the first day and then recharges it. If that's the case the next day, charge it in half and
charge it twice, which counts as one cycle, not two. As a result, it can often take several charges to complete a cycle. The battery capacity
decreases a bit with each cycle. Still, the reduction is so small that high-quality batteries retain 80 percent of their original capacity after
multiple charge cycles, and many lithium-ion products continue to operate after two or three years. Of course, lithium battery life is still to
be replaced after the final.

cycle life is over 2000 times at 80% DOD of the Thunder-sky Winston 40ah-1000ah 3.2V lifepo4 lithium batteries.We offer 2 years
warranties on each of our lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. Contact us to find the best of prices for LiFePO4 batteries. 

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