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CALB 180Ah and 100Ah Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery
big capacity of prismatic Lithium LiFePO4 battery cell was first designed by a WB factory in Shenzhen, in the South of China.
China Aviation Group invested a moderen factory produciton line in Luoyang China in 2009 wiht the technical support of WB, Called
China Aviation Lithium Battery, or CALB for short.with rapid development of 10 years, CALB is becoming one of top 5 lithium battery
manufacturer in China, although their main product is NCM lithium battery with metal case for cars now, they still keep their capacity
on producing prismatic LiFePO4 battery cells with plastic case. they are one of sereval manufacturer in China, who can providing big
capacity LiFePO4 battery with plastic case. with over 10 years development, quality of CALB Lithium battery is very good. their cells 
has good performance on high rate charing and discharing, high temperature and low temperature environment, long cycle life and 
stable reliable performance.
CALB Lithium Battery 100Ah & 180Ah
at this moment, 100Ah Lithium Battey and 180Ah Lithium Battery is the most popular cells, which is widely used in energy storage system
electric vehicle, solar power station, off grid energy storage system, boat/marine/ship ESS, HESS, ESS for RV and other industrial
applications like, forklift, and AGV.
CALB LiFePO4 Battery 100Ah 180Ah

we have 180Ah and 100Ah CALB Lithium batteries in stock on sales and providing them at competitive price with
good service and we help client deliver them batteries by boat and by air. we provide busbars, bolts, screws for 
free. all CALB batteries with original package and test report from CALB (luoyang) factory. all batteries are matched
accroding to your battery pack requirement and we can provide full power solution on design battery pack for defferent
application like electric forklift lithium battery and AGV lithium battery.

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