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DC/DC Converter

we provide DC converter from 120W to 600W,the input voltage range from 24V to 96V, the output voltage is from 12V/24V
the output current is from 10A to 52A
its widely used in vehicles, UPS, Energy Storage System, power station.

400W DC/DC Converter

Detailed parameter list

Product name:400WDC-DC  isolated converter

Input voltage: 48V.60V.72V., etc.

output voltage :12V/(as required)

Maximum current: 30A/360W 33A/400W

Maximum load:400W (durability test°›2H)

Conversion efficiency:°›88%

Dimensions: L:180mm W:121mm H:81mm

Protection level: IP67/IP34

Protection circuit: short circuit, over current, over voltage protection 

Suitable for: electric cars, electric sightseeing cars, electric cars, etc.

Product features

Beautiful appearance, all aluminum alloy shell 

Good heat dissipation and shock resistance; 

Excellent circuit design, with reliable over-current, under voltage protection, stable control performance, superior load 

characteristics, load up to 400W; 

High efficiency PWM control output, small power consumption, so that the vehicle efficiency to play the best.

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