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48V 200AH Winston Battery Pack

One of our client from France,shared photo of his 10kwh lifepo4 battery pack with 32pcs 100Ah Winston battery cells.
there are 2 48V100Ah battery banks in parallel and each of the battery bank consisted by 16 100Ah Winston battery cells in series.
battery balancer providing balacing current for each of  cells.

48V200AH Winston Battery Pack48V100AH Winston LiFeYPO4 Battery Pack

the battery pack was installed in a solar power system for his house since 2012,with over 6 years smoothly working, the battery pack sitll performance very good. the client plan to enlarge capacity of the battery pack by adding another 32pcs 100Ah Winston cells to make sure his house can be off grid completely. of course,he also upgrade the solar panel system on his roof. he plan to make his house powered by solar panel system completely and totally independence from the on grid network this year.

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