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We have 2000pcs 40Ah battery cells in stock now.

A client from Mid East ordered 40pcs 40Ah Winston Battery and we will ship these cells by air from Hongkong to Dubai.
A racing electric karting company from Brazil make an order of 400pcs 40Ah Winston Battery for their electric karting.
each of karting will be installed by 48V40Ah Winston Battery.
40Ah Winston Battery is one of most popular LiFePO4 Battery cells all over the world and we produce over 1 million pcs 40Ah batteries every year.

40Ah LiYFePO4 Winston Battery

Another client from Australia ordered 48pcs 200Ah Winston Battery for his boat. he is a America but he stay in his boat near Brisbane,Australia in most of his time. he need a power starage system for his boat. when he sailing in the port in the night, the battery pack could provide power for his light, air condition,refrigerate, television and kitchen. its a 144V200Ah battery pack with power of nearlly 30KWH. the battery pack provide enough power for one week for his daily life.
with a solar panel, he can get free charging in daytime. we will provide some more photo of his project.

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