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We deliver 8pcs Battery balancer to a Australian client.they ordered 32pcs 1000Ah Winston Battery from us in Feb,2017 and we delivered the batteries to them by sea from Hongkong to Brisbane. We deliver battery balancer to them today by DHL. Each battery balancer module has 4 battery balancer and it would balance 4 battery cells each time. so 8pcs 4S Battery Balancer would balance 32pcs cells totally.
we have hundreds of battery balancers in stock now and most of them would be delivered to Europe and USA next month by air.
the battery balancer would improve perfromance of the battery pack especially for the high voltage battery pack.

the balancing current could reach as much as 1 Amp. 

Battery Balancer AustraliaBattery Balance Australia
Battery Balancing Battery Balancer In Stock

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