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Winston Battery to Russia

We deliver 16pcs 400Ah Winston Battery to Russia from Guangzhou to Moscow. It's our first time to delvier lithium battery from China to Russia by truck. We provide the customs clearance service and we will deliver the battery to the warehouse of our client in Moscow.

We had much trouble to sell lithium battery to Russia becuase of Russia customs. They would ask the client pay much more customs tax.now we coopeate with Huanyou Internation Shipping company, who focus on shipment from China to Russia by truck, they would help us to clear customs and deliver the batteries to their warehouse in Moscow firstly and then deliver the batteries to our client and our client in Russia dont need pay any customs tax.

With cooperation with them, we could enlarge our business in Russia in the future and we can sell more and more high quality LiFePO4 Battery in Russia. Russia is a huge country and they have very big requirement on lithium battery.

Winston Battery to RussiaLiFePO4 Battery Russia

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