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From second half of 2016,more and more clients from United States order CALB Battery from us.we deliver CALB battery to U.S.A. regularly by sea for the bulk order.in order to provide the calb battery locally and provide better serice for U.S. markets. we decided to set up warehouse in California. it would help us provide the calb battery in short time after clients place order. for the sample order, we can deliver the CALB batteries directly from our warehouse in U.S. 
CALB (China Aviation Lithium Battery) , is a leading LiFePO4 Battery producer from China,one of leading big prismatic LiFePO4 battery manufacturer. at this moment, we can provide CAM72 Battery, CA100 Battery, CA180 Battery, SE200 Battery for USA markets.

CALB Battery USACALB Battery United StatesCALB Battery American
CALB BatteryCA180 Battery

for sample order of CALB from USA, we can deliver within 24hours after you make payments and deliver them by express.

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