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CALB Battery Malaysia

We deliver CALB Battery to Malaysia by air from Hongkong airport.They are CAM72 Battery packaged by a carton.CAM72 Battery is a high power LiFePO4 Battery produced by CALB with stainless steel case.The rated capacity of CAM72 Battery is 72Ah,the realy capacity is over 80Ah.
the the rated voltage is 3.2Volt. the dimension of CAM72 battery is 135x29x222mm. the weight 1.9kg.

CALB Battery MalaysiaCAM72 Battery Malaysia

CALB Battery is a leading LiFePO4 Battery producer located in Luoyang, founded in 2009.its a state owned enterprise with big investment on lithium ion battery technology and produciton of LiFePO4 Battery. CALB Battery provides big capacity prismatic lithium batteries: CAM72,CA100, CA180 and SE200.
providing CALB Battery at reasonable price and deliver them globally.

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