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to know more information of Winston battery (Changtai) Limited, pls check the photo.

Winston Battery New Factory
Winston Battery New FactoryWinston Battery New Factory
Winston Battery Limited Changtai FactoryWinston Battery Changtai Limited
Winston Battery FactoryWinston Battery New production facility
Winston Battery production line

Winston Battery Group invested 1.3billion RMB on their second production factory in Changtai, Fujian province. its around 500 km from Winston Battery (shenzhen) limited. the new factory has been start in production since 6th Dec,2016. the new factory has the best lithium battery production facility and production lines. the production volume is 1 billion ampere hour LiFePO4 battery since second half of 2017. and the max production volume is as much as 2.5 billion Ah after 2018. it would be one of biggest LiFePO4 battery production center. the main production batteries are 160Ah, 200Ah, 400Ah, 700Ah, 1000Ah and 10000Ah Winston Battery and Thundersky LiFePO4 battery. over 30% of skilled workers from Winston battery (Shenzhen) limited would work in the new factory and help training new workers to make sure the quality of LiFePO4 battery produced here are as good as winston battery produced in Shenzhen factory. 

The supply of Winston Battery is not adequate to the demond since 2015,many of clients have to wait over 10 weeks after they paid to get their batteries. The new factory would help Winston Battery to provide the batteries in time and most of the order would be delivered within 7 work days after got the payments. Its good news for clients.
and big scale production would probably low the production cost and Winston battery group would provide bette price to clients.

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