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CALB Factory Shot

CALB is a leading LiFePO4 Battery producer from Luoyang,China. here you can see the battery pack factory of CALB. they assemble the battery cells to battery pack here.
most of the battery pack would be fit by special designed metal battery case. these battery pack connected with BMS and would be installed in electric bus for domestic market. they are really high qaulity battery pack for electric vehicles.
there are 12pcs 200Ah LiFePO4 CALB Battery cells for each of battery bank. its 12V600Ah LiFePO4 Battery bank.

And they will series 30pcs battery bank like this to get a 360V600Ah battery pack. it would be installed in an electric bus and would provide enough power for electric bus to run one whole days each charge.

         CALB Battery Factory Shot  CALB Battery Factory Shot  CALB Battery Factory Shot

CALB not only LiFePO4 Battery like CAM72, CA100, CA180 and SE200 but also provide battery pack for electric vehicles.CALB is one of leading power lifepo4 battery supplier for aggressive plan on electric bus of Chinese government.

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