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We deliver 48pcs CAM72 Battery cells from Hongkong airport to Sydeny Airport for a Tony from Australia.
CAM72 Battery is produced by CALB from China, which is high power LiFePO4 Battery with aluminum case.it is brand new designed lithium iron phosphate battery with capacity of 72 ampere hour. its very popular for electric vehicles factory and energy storage project since it was launched in 2014. due to the high quality and super long cycle life,high stability and high discharge rate, more and more clients choose CAM72 LiFePO4 battery for their applications. We deliver CAM72 cells to clients by air for those clients who need the cells very urgent. in most cases, we deliver CAM72 Battery by sea from shanghai port to Rotterdam port with a 20 feet container for our European markets.each 20 feet container shipments would filled by over 4,000pcs CAM72 cells. and we ship CAM72 LiFePO4 battery From shanghai to Los Angeles Long beach port by 40 feet container to meet requirements from
United States.

                CAM72 Battery AustraliaCAM72 LiFePO4 Battery USA

If you need CAM72 LiFePO4 battery cells urgent, we could try to help you deliver them by air to your favorite airport.for the volume order,we normally deliver by sea. its much cheaper to ship battery by sea.

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