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CAM72 LiFePO4 Battery produced by CALB,is a high power LiFePO4 battery with capacity of 72AH.
with steel case,its the new designed battery by CALB,widely used in electric vhicle and energy storage system
We deliver 1,000pcs CAM72 cells by sea from Hongkong to Kuala Lumpar to a client from Malaysia.
they are one of leading telecom company from Malaysia.
they would be works as communcation backup power system.
Here are the CAM72 LiFePO4 batteries in warehouse waiting for packaging.

CAM72 Battery to Malaysia

1、Qualified for RoHS & CCC with high safety

2、More than 3000 cycles under the designed working condition
3、Anti-explosion safety valve applied
4、Aluminum shell for better cooling
5、Ceramic membrane technology applied to enhance safety
6、High energy density----121WH/KG
7、High charge/discharge rates

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