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We visited Winston Battery Factory this Firday. three of our clients from Russia and Canada attend an exhibition in Taipei this Monday and pass by Honkgong.
We have a short meeting with them at the hotel in Hongkong airport. Mr. Evgengy from Canada ordered 250pcs 90Ah Winston Battery last week. they need the WB-LYP90Ah Winston Battery very urgent and need the batteries before Nov.
At this moment, Winston Battery Limited don't have 90Ah cells in stock and the lead time is 2 month.
Clients from Russia can not wait such a long time and they asked to help them to find a solution.
because they need the 90Ah LiFePO4 Winston Battery really urgent.
Because Winston Battery have very good performance in low temperature area,they can not accept find replacement cells.
We visited Winston battery limited and trying to find a find a solution on it.
we try to deliver the battery to them before Nov.

Winston Battery Factory Visit

And we found that Winston Battery Limited has a new subsidary company in Shenzhen, Its new company name is Shenzhen Smart Lion Power Battery Limited

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